Only steps away from Central Park West and Lincoln Center, this bachelor pad is designed for a gentleman with a dash of rebel.

The studio is a mix of classic and modern set in a prewar building. Charcoal—almost black—walls are neatly framed by bright white moldings and doors. Custom earthy, oversized jute rugs provide a foundation for a mix of furnishings. Modern swivel chairs sit nicely next to classic pieces. A custom, multi-purpose daybed floats in the center of the main room—serving as sofa, bed and banquette for the dining table.

Throughout the apartment items lovingly attained from years from travel are combined with gifts of family heirlooms in a cleanly layered fashion. Boxes from India and period architectural drawings acquired in Rome are in good company among vintage boat planes from the client's grandfather and artwork from his artist grandmother. The sum of the parts is an elegant, personalized jewel of a dwelling.